Gecko Lingua Translations International

Specialised topics

We undertake assignments of all sorts, but our strong points are the following:

Advertising and Public Relations
All kinds of promotional copy including product descriptions, newspaper ads, brochures, storyboards, jingles and subtitles.

Arts & Literature
Art catalogues, press releases, essays, art historical papers, books of all sorts both fiction and non-fiction.

History, Geography and Social Sciences
Popular texts as well as scientific papers, project reports and research findings.

Focus on general medicine including natural health-care systems like Ayurveda and Homoeopathy. Medical and diagnostic technology and therapies.

Oriental Studies
Focus on South Asia, and its culture, history and religions.

Religion & Philosophy
All sorts of texts relating to religion and philosophy including fringe sciences and esoterics.

Natural Sciences & Technology
All fields in the academic and industrial sectors including ecology and environment. Scientific papers, research findings, test and inspection documentations, project reports, conformity declarations, certificates and operation manuals.